What is GitBook?

GitBook is both an online platform for writing and hosting documentation. Hundreds of thousands of users use GitBook to write documentation (library, API, tools, etc.), or knowledge bases (like this F.A.Q.). People also use GitBook to publish technical books, teaching material, and many other things.

View the Field Guide

  • You can now view the Field Guide. (You can also view it without making an account, you just need an account for editing it)
  • You can also save the Field Guide to the home screen of your iPhone or Android for quicker reference when on the go!
  • To export the field guide save it to a PDF, Mobi or ePub.

Editing a Book:

  1. Go to: https://www.gitbook.com/
  2. Create an account
  3. To be added for editing rights, contact: Amber Reed ([email protected]) Only the owner and collaborators can edit a book (be it public or private).

If the book is owned by an organization, the organization's permissions are applied to all its books.

The book's permissions overwrite the organization's. To control a member's access at a book level, you can add him or her as collaborator of the book and specify a different set of permissions.

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